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Lazer Force (The Corps)
ManufacturerLanard Toys
Assortments (3)
1994 Lazer Force Figures
1994 Lazer Force Figures (boxed)
1998 Lazer Force Figures
1994 Lazer Force Figures
Circuit Breaker (chrome)
Hot-Wire (copper)
Incinerator (gold)
Mega Watt (pale pink tint)
Power-Surge (green)
Resistor (pale pink tint)
1994 Lazer Force Figures (boxed)
3-man Reconnaissance Team
1998 Lazer Force Figures
(Soldier 2 var)
(Soldier 2)
(Soldier 3)
(Soldier 6)
(Soldier 8)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Lazer Force (The Corps)    
After the Unification Wars, in the year 2236, The Corps! World Force Response Team assembled a unit of special forces to combat the insurgence of mutant outlaws wreaking havoc on our otherwise peaceful galaxy. This elite squadron, equipped with fully reactive exoskeletal armor and high-energy battle gear, is known as Lazer Force. It is their mission to eliminate evil and safeguard the universe; especially its most valued sanctuary... Earth.
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