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Lazer Force (The Corps)
ManufacturerLanard Toys
Assortments (1)
1994 Lazer Force Figures
1994 Lazer Force Figures
Circuit Breaker (chrome)
Hot-Wire (copper)
Incinerator (gold)
Mega Watt (pale pink tint)
Power-Surge (green)
Resistor (pale pink tint)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Lazer Force (The Corps)    
After the Unification Wars, in the year 2236, The Corps! World Force Response Team assembled a unit of special forces to combat the insurgence of mutant outlaws wreaking havoc on our otherwise peaceful galaxy. This elite squadron, equipped with fully reactive exoskeletal armor and high-energy battle gear, is known as Lazer Force. It is their mission to eliminate evil and safeguard the universe; especially its most valued sanctuary... Earth.
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