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Men of Medal
The Army you carry on your chest!
 1988 - 1989 
Assortments (2)
Badges with mini-Figures
Badges with mini-Figures
Air Force Commnados - Fighter Pilot - John Moody
Air Force Commnados - Paratrooper - Errol West
Army Forces - Infantryman - Jim Bam-Bam Briggs
Army Forces - Rifle Man - Dean Hamilton
Coast Guard - Rescue Crewman - HH Boom-Boom Hailey
Coast Guard - Rescue Frogman - Penn Piranha Jones
Fire Forces - Fire Chief - Don The Man Larkin
Fire Forces - Fire Fighter - Steve Hollister
Marine Strike Team - Grenade Man - Kyle Wise
Marine Strike Team - Gunner - Terry Traub
Naval Forces - Deep Sea Diver - Gary Schaar
Naval Forces - Sailor - Marco Beahbum Aldrete
SWAT Team - Bomb Expert - David Cool Hand Russo
SWAT Team - Sharpshooter - Pete Peterman
Traitors - Bomber - Nitro
Traitors - Judo Man - Quick Chops
Traitors - Sniper - Snake
Traitors - Spy - The Mole
Armored Fortress Transport Carry Case
Mail-away Poster
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Men of Medal    
They're on red alert! Ready to swing into battle action at a moment's notice! From all corners of the world, they'll march at your command, to protect you from the enemy and fight for truth, justice and a better way of life! There are 7 rough'n ready squads, each man a lean, mean, fighting machine! The Men of Medal are battle specialists with the best technology. You can be one of the Men of Medal too! Just clip on the badge to your pocket, and you're ready to fight for freedom!
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