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Jurassic Park III
Assortments (9)
Die-cast vehicles
Dino Eggs
Dinosaurs other
Dinosaurs Ra-ak A-tak
Dinosaurs, Camo Xtreme
Figures Basic
Figures Specials
Die-cast vehicles
Helicopter with Net
Pick-up Truck with Capture Rod
RTV with Grappling Hook
Transport with Capture Cage
Dino Eggs
Dino Egg w/ Gray Dino
Dino Egg w/ Green Dino
Dino Egg w/ Redish Dino
Dinosaurs other
Poseable Dinosaur
Stalking Raptor
Dinosaurs Ra-ak A-tak
Alpha Pteranodon
Alpha Velociraptor
Animatronic Spinosaurus
Pack Raptor
Spinosaurus Aqua Attack
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dinosaurs, Camo Xtreme
Artic Tyrannosaurus Rex
Canyon Tyrannosaurus Rex
Jungle Spinosaurus
Spinosaurus/Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex/Velociraptor
Figures Basic
Amanda Kirby and Spinosaurus
Billy Brennan and Pteranodon
Dr. Alan Grant and (2) Compies
Dr. Alan Grant and Velociraptor
Eric Kirby and Alpha Pteranodon
Military Diver and Spinosaurus
Military General and T-Rex
Paul Kirby and Stegosaurus
Figures Specials
But 1 Get 1 Free Paul Kirby & Military Diver
Dinosaur Tracking Set
Raptor Attack Playset
Spinosaurus Attack Playset
Air Heli-Sabre Marine Copter
All-Terrain Dino Trapper
Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Jurassic Park III    
Anxious to fund research for his new theory of velociraptor intelligence, renowned paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant is persuaded by a wealthy adventurer and his wife to accompany them on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna. This infamous island, once InGen's site B, has become both a primordial breeding ground for John Hammond's magnificent creations and a magnet for thrill-seekers eager to encounter them. A tragic accident maroons the party of seven.
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