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ManufacturerMezco Toyz
Assortments (5)
2001 Figures
2002 Figures
2004 Figures
Big Figures
Mini Figures

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2001 Figures
Olive Oyl w/ Swee' Pea
Popeye Classic
Popeye Pea Coat
2002 Figures
Bluto (Sailor Suit)
Poop Deck Pappy
Popeye Sailor Suit (navy suit)
Popeye Sailor Suit (white suit)
Popeye Storm-Gear
Sea-Hag with Bernard The Vulture
2004 Figures
Alice the Goon
Bluto Classic (repaint)
Bluto Deep Dive
Olive Oyl Classic (repaint)
Popeye Classic (repaint)
Popeye Deep Dive
Big Figures
Rotocast 12" Popeye the Sailorman (blue shirt)
Rotocast 12" Popeye the Sailorman (white)
Mini Figures
Black & Whte 3-pack
Olice Oyl + Bluto
Popeye + Wimpy
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