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American Defense
Assortments (1)
Figures with Voice Commands
Figures with Voice Commands
no name - Assassin, black vest w/ knife, grenades
no name - Commanchee in black diving gear
no name - Desert camo uniform, goggles
no name - Desert Paratrooper, beige uniform, beret
no name - Germ warfare: gas mask, black boots
no name - Green beret in dark green uniform
no name - Latin jungle commander in green fatigues
no name - Masked Ninja in tan kimono
no name - Mongolian with mustache, olve uniform
no name - Operator, black chest plate, desert camo
no name - Pilot, blue flightsuit, blue helmet
no name - Russian solidier, brown outfit, fur hat
Story synopsis
Synopsis for American Defense (Kmart)    
Long long ago and far away, there were six gigantic meteors travelling at trillion times the speed of light. Drawn to each other, they smash all at once. Instead of being crushed into dust, the tremendous force created by the collision fills the surface of the meteors with supernatural power. The meteors are transformed into planets,a nd they settle into orbit around a close by star.... Each planet is ruled by a Goddess.
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