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Trigun (Toy Tribe)
The Planet Gunsmoke
Assortments (3)
2001 Figures
2002 Figures
2005 Figures
2001 Figures
Monev the Gale
Monev the Gale - Glow-in-dark
Monev the Gale - Previews Excl
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede - Black Sinister Repaint
Vash the Stampede - with Sunglasses
2002 Figures
Meryl Strife
2005 Figures
Gazelle The Peacemaker
Gazelle The Peacemaker Black Beast
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Trigun (Toy Tribe)    
On the desolate planet Gunsmoke, Vash is the most wanted man in the land and there's a bounty on his head for completely destroying the city of July, although no one was hurt in the incident. Despite his reputation, Vash is surprisingly good-natured and seemingly naive. The story follows his mishaps and adventures along with the two Bernadelli Insurance girls, who have been assigned to follow him everywhere in order to keep the massive damage that seems to follow him everywhere, down to a minimum.
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