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Wheeled Warriors
Assortments (4)
Accessory packs
Lightning League
Monster Minds
Accessory packs
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Victory Pack
Lightning League
Armed Force - Leader
Drill Sergeant - Escape Artist
Quick Draw - Weapons X-pert
Spike Trike - Scout
Trailblazer - Lightning League Combat Stalker
Monster Minds
Beast Walker - Monster Minds Combat Creature
Gun Grinner - Enforcer
K.O. Kruiser - Demolitions X-pert
Saw Boss - Tyrant
Terror Tank - Cannibal
Battle Base Playset
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Wheeled Warriors    
The idea behind the toys was that the Monster Minds-A bunch of evil machines driven by little green brains- were on a rampage. To fight them there was the Lightning League-some armored vehicles driven by humans. All of the eight smaller vehicles had x-changeable parts that fit on all of the vehicles. The monster minds came with a rubber L-shaped brain for the driver. The figures that came with the lightning league vehicles were tiny generic guys with brown suits.
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