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Space Channel 5
Assortments (3)
Figures 4 inch
Figures Excl
Statue 12 inch
Figures 4 inch
Space Dancin' Ulala
Space Dancin' Ulala (no helmet)
Space Dancin' Ulala (silver jumpsuit)
Figures Excl
Space Dancin' Ulala (black jumpsuit) in lunchbox
Statue 12 inch
Space Channel 5 Statue
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Space Channel 5    
The year is 2499 and an alien race known as the Morolians are invading Earth. Shortly after first contact at Spaceport 9, the aliens begin to take hostages. To do so, they user special ray guns to hypnotize their victims, forcing them--of all things--to dance! Amidst the chaos and confusion, a young rookie journalist from Space Channel 5, Ulala, arrives on the Spaceport's main floor. Guided by her director, Fuse, Ulala must match dance step to dance step against the aliens in order to liberate as many hostages as she can!
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