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Outdoor Sportsman
Assortments (9)
1:18 scale Figures (4 inch) & Gear
1:18 scale Outdoor Sports Wildlife
1:18 scale Vehicles
1:32 scale Vehicles Diecast
1:64 scale Vehicles Diecast
Dolls Dale Earnhardt
Dolls Series 1
Figures 3.75 inch
1:18 scale Figures (4 inch) & Gear
Dale Earnhardt Bow Hunter with Deer
Dale Earnhardt Rifle Hunter with Deer
Dale Earnhardt Turkey Hunter
Rocky Mountain Accessory Pack (Mossy Oak Gear)
Team Realtree Gear
1:18 scale Outdoor Sports Wildlife
(spotted hunting dog)
(white dog)
Black Dog with Ducks
Buck Deer
Bull Moose
1:18 scale Vehicles
(ATV with rider)
Chevy Suburban
Chevy Suburban (black)
Chevy Suburban (blue)
Dodge Pickup Truck - Advantage Timber
Dodge Pickup Truck - Mossy Oak
Ford Crew Cab Pickup
Ford F-150
Ford Pickup Truck
Kawasaki ATV
Polaris ATV (red)
Polaris ATV with figure
Polaris ATV with figure (red ATV)
Polaris Ranger Off-Road Utility Vehicle
Polaris Snowmobile (black)
Polaris Snowmobile (blue)
Polaris Snowmobile (red)
Polaris Sportsman 4x4 Pickup
Triton Bass Boat
Triton Bass Boat (white)
1:32 scale Vehicles Diecast
Honda Rubicon ATV
Honda XR 250 Motorcycle
Kawasaki KS 250 Motorcycle
Polaris Scrambler 400 ATV
Polaris Sportsman 500 Ho ATV
Polaris XCSP 800 Snowmobile
1:64 scale Vehicles Diecast
Chevy Pickup Truck with Triton Boat
Dodge Pickup Truck
Ford Pickup Truck (white)
Malibu Wakeslicer VLX Boat
Mastercraft X Star Boat
Toyota Pickup Truck with Mastercraft Boat
Dolls Dale Earnhardt
Dale Earnhardt Bass Fisherman (Joyride 2004)
Dale Earnhardt Big Game Hunter (Joyride 2004)
Dale Earnhardt Bow Hunter
Dale Earnhardt Duck Hunter
Dale Earnhardt Rifle Hunter
Dolls Series 1
Bill Jordan White Tail Deer
Clark Wendlandt Pro Bass
Jimmy Houston Large Mouth Bass
Large Mouth Bass Fisherman
Mallard Duck Hunter
Ringneck Pheasant Hunter
Figures 3.75 inch
(fisherman blue shirt)
(fisherman red shirt)
(fisherman white shirt)
(fisherman yellow shirt)
(hunter with bow)
(hunter with duck)
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