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Wrestling Champions
Manufacturer= unknown / made in china =
Assortments (3)
Assort 33800
Assort 33900
Assort A
Assort 33800
Wrestler, bald
Wrestler, combed back hair
Wrestler, long hair
Wrestler, mask with wide stripes
Wrestler, masked
Wrestler, mustache
Assort 33900
Wrestler, bald with mustache
Wrestler, bald with rim of hair
Wrestler, beach boy
Wrestler, bearded
Wrestler, eye-patch
Wrestler, hair slicked back, sideburns
Wrestler, headband
Wrestler, long hair, center part
Wrestler, long hair, side parted
Wrestler, mask with forehead stripe
Wrestler, mustache
Wrestler, mustache and long hair
Wrestler, short blonde hair
Assort A
Wrestler 1, bald
Wrestler 2, blond
Wrestler 3, Hogan-like
Wrestler 4, head band
Wrestler 5, onion mask
Wrestler 6, eye patch
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Wrestling Champions    
Dime store wrestlers.
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