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Classics (clamshell)
 2000 - 2001 
ManufacturerToy Biz.Spider-Man
Assortments (3)
2001 Figures Series I
2001 Figures Series II
2001 Figures Water Wars
2001 Figures Series I
Spider-Man Black Costume
2001 Figures Series II
Battle Ravaged Spider-Man
Battle Ravaged Spider-Man (with poster)
Classic Spider-Man
Classic Spider-Man (with poster)
Daredevil red version
Daredevil red version (with poster)
Daredevil yellow version
Rhino (with poster)
Scarlet Spider
Spider-Man 2099 AD (KB Exclusive)
2001 Figures Water Wars
Aqua Squirt Scorpion
Hydro-Disk Spider-Man
Sea Snake Venom
Water Web Cannon Spider-Man
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Spider-Man : Classics    
Spider-Man is a comic book icon known worldwide. Fans of all ages can relate to Peter Parker, the reluctant super hero who was transformed from an ordinary man into an extraordinary hero by the bite of a radioactive spider. For over 30 years, readers have thrilled to his adventures as he uses his sensational spider powers to battle sinister super-villains, while trying to make ends meet, and maintaining some semblance of a normal life.
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