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Assortments (3)
1998 Figures
1999 Figures
2000 Figures
1998 Figures
Devilman Blue
Devilman Crystal
Devilman Gray Wing
Devilman Green Wing
Devilman Pewter JCTC
Devilman Red
Devilman Red Wing
Devilman TRU Gold
Devilman Wander Festival Glow-in-Dark
1999 Figures
Devilman Brown
Devilman Phantom White
Devilman Real Brown Skin
2000 Figures
Devilman Black
Devilman Lady
Devilman Purple
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Devilman    
Global warming is beginning to thaw the ice caps, causing sea levels to rise. Immortal demons that were trapped in the polar ice millenia ago, awakwen and begin preying on human beings. Enter Akira, average high school student who decides to help the world by joining himself with a demon. In theory, a pure young man should be able to control the demon's conciousness and harness its power to fight the rest of its kin, but will it really be that easy?
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