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Neon Genesis
Assortments (5)
2002 Figures - Launch Tube
2003 Figures
Figures: Eva
Figures: Girls
Movie Figures (The end of Evangelion)
2002 Figures - Launch Tube
EVA-00 (Metallic Blue) Launch Tube
EVA-00 (Metallic Yellow) Launch Tube
EVA-01 (Metallic Purple) Launch Tube
EVA-02 (Metallic Red) Launch Tube
EVA-03 (Black) Launch Tube
EVA-04 (Silver) Launch Tube
2003 Figures
EVA-01 Matsumura Version
Sachiel - The Third Angel
Figures: Eva
Eva-00 Blue
Eva-00 Blue Metallic
Eva-00 Yellow
Eva-00 Yellow Clear
Eva-00 Yellow Metallic
Eva-01 Glow-in-Dark Previews Excl
Eva-01 Matsumura Version
Eva-01 Purple
Eva-01 Test Type
Eva-01 Test Type Metallic
Eva-02 Red
Eva-02 Red Clear
Eva-02 Red Metallic
Eva-03 Black
Eva-04 Silver (Metallic)
Figures: Girls
Rei Ayanami
Rei Ayanami Clear
Soryu Askuna Langley (red outfit)
Movie Figures (The end of Evangelion)
Eva-02 Production Model (red)
Mass Production Model 02 (white, with wings)
Mass Production Model 05 (white)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Evangelion    
2015 AD Mankind faces a crisis unlike any in human history. To confront this threat, one young boy boards a machine created by the world's top scientists and engineers, the ultimate all-purpose humanoid weapon: Evangelion!
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