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Ghost in the Shell
Assortments (5)
12" Dolls
Figures - Ghost in a Shell
Figures - ManMachine Interface Figures
Figures - Stand Alone Complex
12" Dolls
#1 Major Kusanagi Black
#2 Major Kusanagi Camouflage
Figures - Ghost in a Shell
Hard-disk clear
Hard-disk Previews Variant (silver)
White-out - black & gold variant
White-out - black outfit variant
White-out - red outfit variant
White-out & Hard-disk Previews 2-pack
White-out Previews Variant
Figures - ManMachine Interface Figures
Black Cyber Suit (Firewall) - yellow base
Black Cyber Suit (Firewall)- blue base
Silver Cyber Suit
White Cyber Suit
White Skirt - blue base
White Skirt - yellow base
Figures - Stand Alone Complex
Alias (Major Motoko Kusanagi White Coat )
Diver Down (Major Motoko Kusanagi BLACK Swimsuit)
Diver Down (Major Motoko Kusanagi BLUE Swimsuit)
Diver Down (Major Motoko Kusanagi WHITE Swimsuit)
Aramaki Motoko (by Vice)
Major Kusanagi Image Ver Alpha Statue
Major Kusanagi Manga Version Statue
Sea of Wires Statue
Sea of Wires Statue (clear version)
Stand Alone Complex Twin Pack
Tachikoma (blue)
Tachikoma (red)
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