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Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX)
ManufacturerJUN Planning
Assortments (6)
Action Figures
Dolls in Boxes
Dolls in Coffins
Figures in Boxes
Giant 4 Foot Jack
PVC Sets
Action Figures
Jack Action Figure #1 + Vampire + Werewolf
Jack Action Figure #2 + Easter Bunny + Behemoth
Jack Action Figure #3 + Behemoth + 1 Fat Vampire
Jack Action Figure #4 + Oogie Boogie + Mummy
Jack Action Figure #5 + Vampire + Zero
Jack Action Figure #6 + Mayor + Batboy
Dolls in Boxes
Evil Scientist
Jack & Sally 2 Pack Japanese Exclusive
Millenium Edition 4-pack gift Set
Oogie Boogie
Pumpkin King 1998
Santa Claus
Santa Jack, sleigh, skeleton reindeer (99) 2400LE
Dolls in Coffins
01/12 Smiling Jack (black coffin)
02/12 Shocked Jack (red coffin)
04/12 Jack (lilac coffin)
05/12 Worried Jack (pale gray coffin)
06/12 Pleased Jack (violet coffin)
07/12 Whistling Jack (royal blue coffin)
08/12 Angry Jack (gray coffin)
09/12 Traditional Jack (aqua color coffin)
10/12 Evil Jack (orange coffin)
11/12 Scared Jack (brown coffin) 2000
12/12 Sinister Jack (green coffin) 2000
1998 Screaming Jack (red coffin)
1998 Smirking Jack (turquoise coffin)
Jack (Comic Convention Coffin) 2001LE
Jack Gold Millennium in Coffin 2000LE
Jack with BunnyPVC 2001
Jack with podium 2000 (cobalt blue coffin) 1500LE
Jack with PVC Barrel (pale gray coffin)
Jack with PVC Lock (red coffin)
Jack with PVC Shock (lavender coffin)
Pajama Jack (redish coffin)
Pajama Jack Reading (dark blue coffin)
Pumpkin King 2000 1200LE
Santa Jack Action Figure
Sinister Jack (gold coffin) 1999 Comicon
Tuxedo Jack in gray coffin
Figures in Boxes
Jack & His Gothic Chair 3000LE 17"
Jack on Snowmobile
Pumpkin Jack
Giant 4 Foot Jack
Giant Jack 600LE
PVC Sets
4 Piece Mini PVC: Jack, ghost dog Zero, 2 toys
Pumpkin King & Sandy Claws Set
Pumpkin King PVC 1998
PVC Easter Bunny + Behemoth + Werewolf
PVC Jack & Sally
PVC Lock Shock Barrel 4 to 7"
PVC Mayor + Zero + Oogie Boogie
PVC Set #1
PVC Set #2
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX)    
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is the story of Jack Skellington, who dreams of life beyond Halloweenland and decides to try to give another holiday a try, with disastrous results.
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