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Starcom [see Coleco]
(taken over after Coleco)
Assortments (2)
Figures 1989 2-packs
Gift Set
Figures 1989 2-packs
Col. James Derringer + Capt. Hydrone
Col. John Griffin + Capt. Gorn
Col. Paul Corbin + Capt. Howl
Hammer + General Torvek
Lone Wolf + Sgt. Ramor
Pfc. Shawn Reed + Lt. Vasor
Speed + Cpl. Cronax
Tiger + Cpl. Agon-6
Yank + Gen. Von Dar
Gift Set
Star Fleet Action Set:
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Starcom [see Coleco]    
The STARCOM line had two gimmicks: Magna-Lock and Power-Deploy. Magna-Lock consisted of small magnets implanted into every figure's boots, and on all vehicles and playsets. These magnets were used to attach a figure to a craft, and on some toys, they would activate the moving parts, such as rotating laser guns. Power-Deploy is a vehicle feature that - without the use of batteries - allowed wings to fold out, cannons to pop up, or that would unveil secret compartments.
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