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The Tick
ManufacturerN2 Toys
Assortments (3)
2002 Figures 17 inch
2002 Figures Series 1
2002 Figures Series 2 (not produced)
2002 Figures 17 inch
Talking Tick
2002 Figures Series 1
Captain Liberty
Tick, The
2002 Figures Series 2 (not produced)
Red Scare
Terror, The
Story synopsis
Synopsis for The Tick    
The Tick is a half hour cartoon. The Tick is a big loveable bulk of a superhero who is completely invulnerable (except maybe his head) in a town full of incompetent superheroes. He is totally gung ho for justice and niceness and the American way. He is joined by his slightly overweight and out of shape sidekick "Arthur" (a white moth) who gave up being an accountant to follow his life long ambition to be a superhero. Although timid he is the brains of the duo.
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