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Samurai X
Assortments (2)
Figures PVC
Hajime Saitou
Kaoru Kamiya
Kenshin Himura
Sanosuke Sagara
Figures PVC
Hajime Saito
Kenshin Himura
Okita Soshi
Tomoe Yukishiro
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Samurai X    
Samurai-X is a historical drama set in the Meiji era of Japan. It is the story of a reformed assassin trying to live a life of peace and to forget his life of violence. Armed with a reverse-edged sword (a katana with the cutting and blunt edge reversed), he wages a silent war to maintain peace and order to a directionless country plagued by opportunists and would-be dictators. Along the way, he meets a teenage dojo master, an orphan son of a samurai, a disillusioned street fighter, a fallen doctor, an obsessive ninja leader, and his greatest rival.
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