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Resident Evil
From the most spectacular space series ever!
Assortments (4)
2001 Figures Series 1
2002 Figures Series 2
2002 Figures Series 3
Vinyl Statues 11"
2001 Figures Series 1
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy (wounded and bandaged)
Nemesis (rage head & tentacle hand) EB excl
Soldier Zombie
Soldier Zombie (camo) Wizard Excl
2002 Figures Series 2
Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield - Wounded - Excl
Mr. X
Zombie Cop (blue shirt) with Licker
Zombie Cop (white shirt) with Licker - Variant
2002 Figures Series 3
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield - camo pants
Wesker with Hunter
Wesker with Hunter - Shades Head
William G4
Vinyl Statues 11"
Jill Valentine
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Resident Evil    
Space: 1999 told the story of Moonbase Alpha, a lunar space station that was blown into outer space when radioactive wastes stored on the dark side of the moon triggered an explosion. The blast was so great that it knocked the moon out of its orbit, sending it hurtling through outer space with Moonbase Alpha attached.
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