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WWF Boxed Sets
ManufacturerJAKKS Pacific.Wrestling
Assortments (7)
1997 Boxed Set
1998 Boxed Figure + Gear (K-Mart)
1998 Boxed Sets
1999 Boxed Sets
2001 Boxed Sets
2001 Boxed Sets 3-packs
2001 Boxed Sets 3-packs
1997 Boxed Set
Championship Title Series (Toys R Us)
1998 Boxed Figure + Gear (K-Mart)
Mankind Grapple Gear
Rock Bottom (The Rock)
Stone Cold Steve Austin with Garbage Can
Stone Cold Steve Austin with Table
1998 Boxed Sets
Attitude 4 Pack (K-Mart)
Bad To The Bonez 3-Pack (Toys R Us)
Badd Blood 4-Pack (Canadian Wal-Mart)
DeGeneration X (Ames/Merjier)
Go Mental 4 Pack (Sam's Club Only)
Legends of the Past & Present 4 Pack (Wal-Mart)
No Holds Barred 3-Pack (Kay-Bee)
Off The Mat 4-Pack (Toys R Us)
Special Collection - Steve Austin 3-pack (Hills)
Special Collection - Undertaker 3-pack (Hills)
Triple Threat (Mick Foley's ) 3-Pack (Kay-Bee)
1999 Boxed Sets
Championship Title Belt 4-Pack (Toys R Us)
Perfect 10-Pack (not WM2000) (TRU)
2001 Boxed Sets
Insurrextion 10-pack (UK)
Superstars Hardcore Action Ring + 6 figs (TRU)
2001 Boxed Sets 3-packs
2 Xtreme 3-pack (Lita + Hardy Boyz Matt & Jeff)
Brothers of Destruction 3-Pack (TRU)
Renegades 3-pack (K-Mart)
Triple Threat 2001
2001 Boxed Sets 3-packs
A Cold Day In Dudleyville 3 Pack (TRU) RS
Back in the Ring 3-Pack (K-Mart)
Picture Perfect 2-Pack (Edge +Christian) (K-Mart)
Team Xtreme 3-pack (Hardy Boyz Matt Jeff & Lita)
Too Cool - Get in the Groove 3-pack (Meijer)
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