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WCW Boxed Sets
ManufacturerToy Biz.Wrestling
Assortments (3)
1999 Boxed Sets
2000 Boxed Sets
2000 Boxed Sets: Ring Announcers
1999 Boxed Sets
Heavy-Weight Champions: Hogan, Goldberg, Sting
IV Horsemen: R.Flair, C.Benoit, D.Malenko, S.Mongo
Red & Black Attack: Hogan, Nash, Bischoff
2000 Boxed Sets
Fear the Spear: Goldberg (K-Mart Excl)
2000 Boxed Sets: Ring Announcers
Ring Announcer :Scott Steiner Vs DDP with MBuffer
Ring Announcer: KNash + MGene + Golberg (TRU)
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