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WCW Brawlin' Bikers
ManufacturerToy Biz.Wrestling
Assortments (2)
1999 Brawlin' Bikers - boxed
1999 Brawlin' Bikers - carded
1999 Brawlin' Bikers - boxed
Goldberg & DDP
1999 Brawlin' Bikers - carded
Diamond Dallas Page
Story synopsis
Synopsis for WCW Brawlin' Bikers    
Each year the toughest wrestlers in the WCW meet in Sturgus, South Dakota, for the famed Road Wild annual Pay-Per-View wrestling event. The Superstars rev up and ride their bikes to the ring in order to do battle. Each warrior has his own powerful, souped-up motorcycle that is specially decorated to match his distinct persona.
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