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 1999 - 2001 
ManufacturerEternal Toys
Assortments (4)
Vandala Valkyrie Bust LE2000
Evil Ernie Mini Bust
Lady Death Mini Bust
Lucifer 8 inch Bust LE3000
Tthe Reaper Mini Bust LE200
Chastity - Human Head
Chastity - Vampire Head
Lady Death
Lady Death Darkness Sword
Chastity & Jade Statue LE300 Ruby
Lady Death LE 5000
Lady Demon (15 inch)
Purgatori Vampire Goddess
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Chaos Dolls    
As a teenager from Ohio known as Chastity Marks, she ran away to London, England to study acting. There she was turned into a vampire during the heyday of the Punk Rock era. Actress, Rocker, Vampire Assassin, she is the undeniable master of disguise and skill. Yet her most prized skill is not what she learned but what she became... undetectable to her kind and other supernatural creatures of the night. Trained as a killer by the mysterious, evil Countess, Chastity is as dangerous as she is beautiful. Don't be fooled by her innocence!
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