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Beast Machines
 1999 - 2002 
Assortments (6)
Beast Riders
Transformers, Basic
Transformers, Deluxe
Transformers, Deployers
Transformers, Mega
Transformers, Ultra, Super & Supreme
Beast Riders
Che - repaint (Black and Silver)
Mechatron - repaint (Purple and Yellow)
Mechatron (assault Chariot)
Transformers, Basic
Geckobot (lizard)
Longhorn (bull)
Night Viper
Transformers, Deluxe
Deluxe Blackarachnia
Deluxe Blastcharge (six-wheeler)
Deluxe Jetstorm
Deluxe Optimus Primal
Deluxe Skydive
Deluxe Snarl
Deluxe Sonic Attack Jet - Aerial Drone
Deluxe Thrust (motorcycle)
Transformers, Deployers
Dillo - repaint (Red, Blue and Silver)
Dillo (armadillo)
Mol - repaint (Purple and Silver)
Mol (mole)
Rav - repaint (Green and Blue)
Rav (raven)
Transformers, Mega
Mega Cheetor
Mega Megatron (dragon)
Mega Rattrap
Mega Tankor (tank)
Transformers, Ultra, Super & Supreme
Nightscream (electronic ultra bat)
Supreme Cheetor, Electronic
Ultra Jetstorm, Electronic
Ultra Primal Prime
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Beast Machines    
After their victory in the Beast Wars, the heroic Maximals return to their homeworld of Cybertron. But Magatron- leader of evil Predacons - has enslaved the planet with an army of vehicular Transformers called Vehicons. Hunted by this new force, the Maximals face their greatest challenge yet as they struggle to free their planet!
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