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Super Kinetic Ultra Magnetic Men
Assortments (4)
Array 1 Joust Combatants (w/ bike)
Metal Mulisha Motocross racers
Series 001 - Figures with metal stand
Series 001 - Figures with skateboard
Array 1 Joust Combatants (w/ bike)
Lord Kong
Naked Brain
Pain Giver
The Torch
Metal Mulisha Motocross racers
KB Exclusive Metal Mulisha SKUMM racer
Series 001 - Figures with metal stand
(goat horns)
(red racing helmet)
(steel helmet)
(white SKUMM sweatshirt)
(yellow SKUMM sweatshirt)
Skinny (metallic dragon skull)
Series 001 - Figures with skateboard
(medusa helmet)
(metal helmet with 1 row of spikes)
(metal helmet with 3 rows of spikes)
(roman helmet)
(white flames helmet, blue-white-and-red leathers)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Tech Deck SKUMM    
The figures are about 4 ½" tall, and they have vinyl outfits which cover them and that are printed with a variety of designs and patterns. There are 12 basic designs for the figures' clothing, along with 12 different masks that they wear. Under the masks lie more than 100 different heads that are randomly packed with each figure and can't be see until the figure is opened and the mask removed. While some of the heads are basic human heads, there are many that have other looks (such as a gorilla head) that can open up trading to get certain heads.
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