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Lazer Wars
You Fire! You Hit! They Explode!
ManufacturerToy Island
Assortments (2)
Brador Ttosc - Alien Ally
Colonel Chance - Lazer Corps Leader
Colonel Chance vs Em Grosser (2-pack)
Em Grosser - Evil Warlord
Howad D Brett - aka Howitzer - Lazer Corps Soldier
Vaughn Jace - aka Fly Boy - Lazer Corps Pilot
Defender + Figure
Destroyer + Em Grosser Figure
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Lazer Wars    
The evil Em Grosser escapes the Obsidian Rebellion. Swearing revenge, he build a base on Mars. He plans to enslave Earth to supply his ShockBot factories. His goal is to strike back at the Obsidian rebels! But Colonel Chance, leader of the Earth's secret Lazer Corps intends to thwart Em Grosser. So begins the Lazer Wars! Lazer system functions indoors only. Lazer beams cannot be seen!
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