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Batman, Mission Masters
Assortments (5)
Mission Masters 1
Mission Masters 2
Mission Masters 3
Mission Masters 4
Vehicles with Figure
Mission Masters 1
Anti-Blaze Batman
Artic Blast Robin
Cave Climber Batman
Desert Attack Batman
Glider Strike Batman
Insect-Body Mr Freeze
Jungle Tracker Batman
Knight Striker Batmobile
Rumble Ready Riddler
Slalom Racer Batman
Speedboat Batman
Team Batcycle: 2-in-1 vehicle + Batman + Nightwing
Mission Masters 2
Artic Ambush Robin
DELUXE Radar Batman
DELUXE Skychopper Batman
Hydro Assault Joker
Infrared Batman
Knight Strike Batman
Land Strike Batman
Sea Claw Batman
Mission Masters 3
Capture Cape Batman
DELUXE Anti-Virus Bruce Wayne Batman
DELUXE Firewing Batman
DELUXE Freestyle Skate Batman
Gotham Crusader Batman
Ground Pursuit Batman
Highwire Zip-Line Batman
Inferno Extinction Batman
Knight Assault Batman
MEGA RAM Bat Batman - Green
MEGA RAM Bat Batman - Red
Mountain Pursuit Batman
Quick Attack Batman
Quick Change Superman - Guest from Metropolis
Sky Attack Batman
Virus Attack Mr Freeze
Virus Delete Batman
Mission Masters 4
Battle Staff Batman
DELUXE Midnight Pursuit Batman
DELUXE Shadow Blast Batman
DELUXE Shadow Copter Batman
DELUXE Turbo Force Nightwing
Lunar Attack Batman
Lunar Force Batman
Midnight Hunter Batman
Midnight Rescue Batman
Night Fury Robin
Night Shadow Batman
Night Spark Joker
Photon Armor Batman
Velocity Storm Batman
Vehicles with Figure
B.A.T.V + Batman
Hoverbat + Batman
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Batman, Mission Masters    
Employing the latest technologies, Gotham City's most dangerous villains have become even more powerful. But Batman has a plan to beat them at their own game: Mission Masters. With this higly specialized gear, Batman and his allies can fight their enemies anywhere and everywhere, on any terrain and in any climate. From underground caverns to the soaring skies - with Mission masters, no criminal is safe!
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