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Batman Spectrum of the Bat
Assortments (2)
2000 Figures
2002 Figures - short cards
2000 Figures
Gamma Blast Batman
Infrared Armor Batman
Sonic Stun Batgirl
Terrorcast Joker
Ultraviolet Ambush Batman
X-Ray Assailant Robin
2002 Figures - short cards
Sonic Stun Batgirl
Sub-Frequency Armor Batman
Technocrat Jervis Tetch (aka the Mad Hatter)
Ultra-Frequency Armor Batman
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Batman Spectrum of the Bat    
The Joker is up to his old tricks again! This time, he's captured a communications satellitefrom the military and launched high above Gotham City, to intercept every transmission. No cable line, computer console, or telephone conversation is safe from his devious clutches. But Batman is ready to battle this familiar foe! With newly designed, high-tech vehicles and armor, Batman evades detection by formulating a stealth counterattack to foil the Joker's tyrannical schemes and get him off the airwaves for good!
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