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UFO Files
ManufacturerToy Concepts
Assortments (1)
Bendy Figures
Bendy Figures
Amphiboid Scientist
Arterian Captain
Galactic Commander
Grey Abductor
Marshan Assassin
Muskel Eliminator
Story synopsis
Synopsis for UFO Files    
UFO Files: 1: Highway 51 Nevaded USA: Numerous Encounters. Area Restricted w/ Military Guard - Ofifcial Cover-up 2: Roswell New Mexico USA: Alien Weapons and 3 bodies recovered - Official Cover-Up 3: Andes Mountains Peru: Farmer Abducted. Returned 7 Years Later - Restricted Data. 4: Rhine Valley Germany: 2 Hikers Found with Glow-in-the-dark Eyes & Total Amnesia - Goverment Denial 5: Valley of the Kings Egypt: UFO Artifacts Recovered from Inside Ancient Tomb - Restricted Data. 6: Hokkaido Honshu Japan: Military Jet vanishes aat high altitude. No body or wreckage - Restricted Data.
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