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Big Builder Construction Co.
ManufacturerChap Mei
Assortments (6)
Figure 1-packs
Figure 2-packs
Figure 2-packs (vertical)
Figure Multi-packs
Power Machines Sets
Figure 1-packs
(road work)
Figure 2-packs
Cracka Jack + Woody John
Steel Head Mike + Foreman Roy
Welder Norman + High Go Joe
Figure 2-packs (vertical)
(2 workers)
Figure Multi-packs
(3 workers & wheelbarrow)
Working Crew (Woody + Joe+ Jack)
Cracka Jakk (pliers on chest)
Foreman Roy (helmet with goggles)
High Go Joe (winch)
Steel Head Mike (C-clamp)
Welder Norman (wrench)
Woody John (hammer on leg)
Power Machines Sets
(buldozer) 300615
(excavator) 300616
(forklift) 300614
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