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Assortments (2)
Animorphs - boxed
Animorphs - carded
Animorphs - boxed
Ax / Scorpion
Tobias / Hawk
Visser Three / Inferno Creature
Animorphs - carded
Cassie / Wolf
Jake / Bear
Jake / Tiger
Marco / Beetle
Marco / Gorilla
Rachel / Lion
Tobias / Hawk
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Animorphs    
Animorphs is a series of 54 books written by K.A. Applegate about a group of kids trying to hold off a secret alien invasion. The aliens are called Yeerks, and they are slug-like race who take over the minds and bodies of humans, controlling their every action. The hosts become prisoners in their own bodies, unable to move unless the yeerk in their head lets them. Now, the yeerks are invading earth, secretly, one new host body at a time. The only ones who know about the invasion are 5 teenagers. These kids have technology which gives the power to turn into any animal they touch.
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