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Highlander - The Animated Series
For in the end there can be only one!
ManufacturerPrime Time Toys
Assortments (2)
Arak - Chief of the Hunters
Hunter - Moganda's Brutal Warrior
Kortan - Evil Ruler of Moganda
Malone - The "Human" Key
Quentin - The Highlander
Ramirez - Quentin's Noble Mentor
Hunter's Powercycle
Quentin's Gavor
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Highlander - The Animated Series    
This animated show is only loosely based on the original Highlander series. The Highlanders have been waiting 700 years for their chosen one to defeat the evil Kortan. When Quentin MacLeod learns that he is the immortal who can save the human race, he embarks on a journey to free the just-captured Dundees and apprentices himself to the immortal Don Vincente Ramirez. Much like Yoda in the Star Wars movies, Ramirez helps Quentin develop both inner and physical strength, coaching him to rely on all his senses when he fights and teaching him the immense power of belief.
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