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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Assortments (3)
Asuka Strikes Figurines
HG Xmas Figurines 8.5"
Real Model Evangelions and Angels
Asuka Strikes Figurines
(kid sitting)
HG Xmas Figurines 8.5"
Real Model Evangelions and Angels
01 - EVA-01 Test Type (purple)
02 - EVA-00 ProtoType (blue)
03 - EVA-02 Production Model (red)
04 - EVA-00 ProtoType (orange)
07 - EVA-03 Production Model (black)
09 - EVA-05 Mass Prod Model (Gold, Theater Excl)
09 - EVA-05 Mass Production Model (white)
10 - EVA-01 Test Type (gold)
11 - EVA 01 Berserker with N2 Mine
12 - Sachiel: Third Angel
13 - Zeruel 14th Angel.
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Neon Genesis Evangelion    
It is the year 2015 - A giant meteorite strike has caused the Polar Caps to melt. Large scale floods have wiped out over half the population of the Planet. The survivors now face an even bigger crisis: terrifying beings known as Angels are attacking Earth! Mankind's only hope is NERV, a special agency directly attached to the United Nations. It has constructed giant fighting machines known as EVANGELIONS. Only these giant humanoid mechs can endure the Angel's "Absolute Terror Fields". Mysteriously, only teenagers born exactly nine months after the floods can pilot the EVANGELIONS...
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