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VirtualOn Cyber Troopers
Assortments (1)
Real Model VR Troopers
Real Model VR Troopers
05 - VR Temjin
06 - VR Viper II
08 - VR Raiden
23 - VR Fei-Yen
24 - VR Apharmd
25 - MBV-04-G VR Temjin
26 - TRV-06k-H VR Viper II
Story synopsis
Synopsis for VirtualOn Cyber Troopers    
Sega's Virtual On Cyber Troopers introduced a new breed of fighter, inspired by the agile mechs of anime programs like Robotech and Gundam. Heavily-armed fighting machines took each other on in cybernetic combat to the death. Set in a 3-D arena complete with obstacles and hiding places, Virtual On followed the best of three fighting game formula, letting virtuaroids Apharmd, Bal-Bas-Bow, Belgdor, Dorkas, Fei-Yen, Raiden, Temjin and Viper II blast each other to bits for a minimum of two rounds.
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