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Action Man
categoryAction Man
Assortments (13)
1999 Action Man
1999 Gear
1999 Vehicles
2000 Action Man
2000 Gear
2000 Vehicles
2001 Action Man
2001 Gear
2001 Vehicles
2002 Action Man
2002 Gear
2002 Vehicles
James Bond 007 Action Man
1999 Action Man
Action Man vs X
Cutter Extreme
Dr X (1999)
Driller Extreme
Mission 2000
Net Trapper
Photo Mission
Roller Blade Extreme
Scuba Extreme
Sky Jumper
Special Forces
Speeder Driver
Super Ninja
1999 Gear
Extreme Raft Kit
Exytreme Kit
Mission System
Ninja Kit
Rescue Mission
Rescue Pilot
Special Forces (Gear)
Speedster Kit
Urban Police
1999 Vehicles
Helicopter Rescue
Hydro Jet
Mountain Bike Extreme
Ocean Mission
Silver Speeder
2000 Action Man
Arctic Rider
Boomerang Extreme
Dr X (2000)
Falcon Master
Grand Prix Driver
Ice Extreme
Jet Pack
Jungle Dart
Miission Torpedo
Mission Grizzly
Operation Camouflage
Operation TIGER
Polar Bike Raider
Polar Ski
Professor Gangrene (2000)
Security Defence
Urban Street Ninja
2000 Gear
Agent 2000
Camouflage Kit
Crocodile Ranger
Desert Driver Kit
Desert Mission
Desert Ranger Kit
Grand Prix Kit
Hydro Speeder
Ice Raider
Jungle Bridge Kit
Mission Agent
Mission HQ
Mountain Extreme
Security Mission
Ski Extreme
Space 2020
Space Satellite
Total Mission (2000)
Tree Climber
Venus Fly
2000 Vehicles
Amazonas Tracker
Chopper Bike
Grand Prix Car
Jungle Explorer
Polar Bike
Skateboard Extreme
Thunderwing Jet
Urban Attack
2001 Action Man
Air Surfer
Amazon Mission
Artic Climber
Artic Rally Driver
Atlantic Mission
Crocodile Mission
Deep Sea Mission
Disc Extreme
Dr X. (2001)
Extreme Climber
Handem Omhoog
Metal Detector
Motorbike Driver
Ninja Ogen
Operation Rescue
Operation Sahara
Polar Mission with Arctic Wolf
Power Arm Ninja
Sandboarder Extreme
Sky Diver
Sport Extreme
Stealth Pilot
Street Commander
Street Mission
Street Roller
Tokyo Extreme
Urban Mission
2001 Gear
Artic Mission
Desert Adventure
Downhill Danger
Gadget Kit
Jungle Tracker
Metro Mayhem
Moto Mission Kit
Mountain Defense
Mountain Mission (Gear)
Ninja Stalker
Ocean Monster
Ocean Rescue
Polar Extreme
Polar Mission Mission Kit
Sahara Mission
Summit Challenge
Thai Mission
Tokyo Kit
Tokyo Mission
Total Mission (2001)
Urban Mission HQ
2001 Vehicles
Amazon Dinghy
Artic Explorer
Artic Racer
Artic Rally Car
Artic Surf Bike
Desert Buggy
Desert Surfer
Kart Extreme
Motorbike Extreme
Ninja Bike
SFX Stunt Bike
Stealth Jet
2002 Action Man
Aqua Mission
Dr X. (2002)
Laser Mission
Mountain Mission
Ninjutsu Extreme
Operation Jungle
Operation SOS
Polar Scooter Pilot
Professor Gangrene (2002)
Pyramid Mission
Supercar Driver
Vertical Mission
2002 Gear
Combat +20
Scooter Extreme
Ultra ATAK
2002 Vehicles
Canoe Extreme
Hydro Air
Marine Mission
Polar Scooter
Super Car
Super Speed Bike
Windsurfer Extreme
James Bond 007 Action Man
Tomorrow Never Dies
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Action Man    
When Hasbro closed Kenner in1999, Action Man became a Hasbro-branded product.
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