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Butt-Ugly Martians
Let's Get Ugly!
Assortments (7)
Boxed Figures with Armor
Boxed Figures with One Martian Air Bike (OMAB)
Figurines 3-packs
Figurines 6-packs with cards
Figurines with Video
Boxed Figures with Armor
Commander B. Bop with GMK Suit (Yellow Martian)
Corporal Do-Wah with GMK Suit (Red Martian)
Dr Damage + Klaktor
Tech Officer 2-T with GMK Suit (Blue Martian)
Boxed Figures with One Martian Air Bike (OMAB)
Commander B. Bop w/ OMAB (Yellow)
Tech Officer 2-T w/ OMAB. (Blue Martian)
Figurines 3-packs
Blue Martian + Cedric + Fleaboid
Muldoon + Klaktor + Dr Damage
Red Martian +Angela + Gorgon
Yellow Martian + Mikey + Rinko
Figurines 6-packs with cards
6-Pack #1 (DoWah,Mikey,Guard, Flutter, Damage,2-T)
6-Pack #2 (2T BMK,Emperor,Dog,Slugabug,Mikey,BBop)
6-Pack #3 (BBop BKM, Empr,Ogre,Jax,Muldoon,DoWah)
Figurines with Video
Figurines 6-pack with video tape
Mikey Ellis
Stoat Muldoon
Commander B. Bop (Yellow Martian)
Corporal Do-Wah (Red Martian)
Tech Officer 2-T (Blue Martian)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Butt-Ugly Martians    
Butt-Ugly Martians is set in the year 2053 and features three Martian heroes who land on planet Earth having been sent on a mission to invade - by their evil leader Emperor Bog. Therees just one thing: they really have no intention of taking over! In fact, they fought for the assignment because they wanted to experience Earthes great pop culture of fast food, video games and TV!
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