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Transformers '93 Generation 2
Assortments (9)
Color Changing Cars
Large Cars
Large Jets
Small Cars
Small Jets
Color Changing Cars
Deluge - Red/Yellow/Translucent Green car
Drench - Lime/Black/Yellow Porsche racer
Gobots - Orange car
Jetstorm - Turquoise/Black car
Bonecrusher - Dark Yellow bulldozer
Bonecrusher - Orange bulldozer
Devastator - Gift Set (All 6) - Not Produced
Hook - Dark Yellow crane
Hook - Orange crane
Long Haul - Dark Yellow dump truck
Long Haul - orange dump truck
Mixmaster - Dark Yellow cement mixer
Scavenger - Dark Yellow digger
Scavenger - Orange digger
Scrapper - Dark Yellow payloader
Scrapper - Orange payloader
Grimlock - dark blue tyrannosaurus
Grimlock - silver tyrannosaurus
Grimlock - turquoise tyrannosaurus
Slag - green triceratops
Slag - red triceratops
Slag - silver triceratops
Snarl - green stegosaurus
Snarl - red stegosaurus
Snarl - silver stegosaurus
Large Cars
Inferno - Red/White fire engine
Jazz - White Porsche 935 Turbo
Sideswipe - Black Lamborghini
Large Jets
Ramjet (purple) - grouped missiles
Ramjet (purple) - separated missiles
Starscream - grey F15 - grouped missiles
Starscream - grey F15 - separate missiles
Beachcomber - metallic green buggy
Bumblebee - gold minicar
Hubcap - metallic red minicar
Seaspray - metallic blue hovercraft
Megatron - green tank - white insert
Megatron - green tank - yellow insert
Optimus Prime - blue legs
Optimus Prime with Roller - purple legs
Small Cars
Rapido - Red car
Skram - Blue Corvette
Turbofire - Green pickup truck
Windbreaker - Yellow Chevrolet Camaro
Small Jets
Afterburner - Blue F-104S Starfighter jet
Eagle Eye - Green Saab JAS 39 Gripen jet
Terradive - Black F-8 Crusader
Windrazor - Grey F-16 Falcon
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