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Cyber Force
Assortments (1)
Figurine Packs
Figurine Packs
Code Blue: Flying SHOC + Velocity + War. Ripclaw
Code Green: Cyblade + Psychotron + Heatwave
Code Orange: Battle Stryker + Buzzcut
Code Purple: Dark Shield + Ripclaw + Gunmen
Code Red: Major Stryker + Ballistic + Attack SHOC
Code Yellow: Killjoy + Impact
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Cyber Force    
The evil multi-national corporation Cyberdata and their ruthless army of robotic SHOC soldiers will stop at nothing in their quest for world domination. Cyberdata's brutal plan includes industrial espionage and total annihilation of all life on Earth. Only a team of cybernetically enhanced superheroes known as Cyber Force have the courage, strength and power to stop Cyberdata!
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