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Fashion Attitude Dolls (FAD)
ManufacturerSababa Toys
Assortments (5)
Claire's Dolls
Dollhouse Dolls
Dollhouse Fashions
Jordache Dolls
Nick & Nora Dolls
Claire's Dolls
Claire's doll
Claire's doll plaid skirt
Dollhouse Dolls
Dollhouse Doll beige top aa
Dollhouse Doll beige top blonde
Dollhouse Doll red top
Dollhouse Doll red top aa
Dollhouse Fashions
Dollhouse fashion
Dollhouse fashion beige top
Dollhouse fashion red top
Jordache Dolls
Jordache denim jeans - aa
Jordache denim jeans - blonde short hair
Jordache denim jeans - brunette long hair
Jordache denim jumper - blonde long hair
Jordache denim jumper - brunette, long hair
Jordache denim jumper - short dark hair
Jordache denim shorts - short brunette hair
Nick & Nora Dolls
Nick & Nora doll - jammies aa
Nick & Nora doll - jammies blonde long hair
Nick & Nora doll - jammies blonde short hair
Nick & Nora doll - leopard print
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Fashion Attitude Dolls    
Poseable dolls of diverse ethnicities wearing authentic outfits directly from the seasonal collections sold under the name F.A.D., Fashion Attitude Dolls "We will be able to bring all of the most current trends and fashions to life. We believe that there is a significant opportunity in matching fashion trends with toys."
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