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Masked Rider (Kamen Rider in Japan)
Assortments (6)
Boxed Multi-pack Sets
Masked Rider - Rider Hero Series Vinyls
Masked Rider Deluxe Sets
Masked Rider GD Figures
Masked Rider Kuuga Dolls
Masked Rider Ryuhki
Boxed Multi-pack Sets
7-pack (04,10,13,14,15,17,...)
Masked Rider - Rider Hero Series Vinyls
Rider Hero 01
Rider Hero 02
Rider Hero 03
Rider Hero 04
Rider Hero 05
Rider Hero 06
Rider Hero 07
Rider Hero 08
Rider Hero 09
Rider Hero 10
Rider Hero 11
Rider Hero 12
Rider Hero 13
Rider Hero 14
Rider Hero 15
Rider Hero 16
Rider Hero 17
Rider Hero 18
Rider Hero 19
Masked Rider Deluxe Sets
Deluxe Set 2 Knight Chogokin
Deluxe Set 4 Ouja
Deluxe Set 5 Knight
Deluxe Set 6 Ryuki
Deluxe Set 7 Odin
Masked Rider GD Figures
GD-23 Dragon Form
GD-27 Rising Mighty Form
GD-27 Rising Pegasus Form
GD-29 Ultimate Form
GD-30 Agito Flame Form (red armor)
GD-30 Agito Ground Form (yellow armor)
GD-30 Agito Storm Form (blue armor)
GD-31 Masked Rider G3 (blue)
GD-32 Masked Rider Gills (green)
Masked Rider Kuuga Dolls
Masked Rider Kuuga Mighty Form (red)
Masked Rider Kuuga Pegasus Form (green)
Masked Rider Kuuga Titan Form (purple)
Masked Rider Ryuhki
Dark Raider on Bike
Dragranzer + Recca Ryu
R&M EX Masked Rider Ryuga
R&M1 Rider Ryuhki + Dragreder
R&M2 Rider Knight + Darkwing
R&M3 Rider Solda + Magnagiga
R&M4 Masked Rider Ouja
R&M5 Masked Rider Knight Survive
R&M6 Masked Rider Ryuki Survive + Dragranzer
R&M7 Masked Rider Odine
RM DX Popynica Ride Shooter
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Masked Rider (Kamen Rider in Japan)    
The Masked Rider began as a guest star on Saban's Power Rangers. On the planet Edenoi, the good King Lexian bestows on his teenage grandson Dex the powers of the Masked Rider, so he may help save the planet. With the phrase "Ectophase activate!" Dex morphs into the Rider, gaining body armor, super strength, and ninja-like agility. Also, he wields the potent Electrosabre, a glowing electric sword.
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