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Anime Collector
Assortments (3)
Anime sets 2001
Anime sets 2001 (black card)
Anime sets 2002 (black cards)
Anime sets 2001
Escaflowne (Hitomi, Van, Mechanical Suit)
Outlaw Star (Gene, Melfina, Starship)
The Big O Roger Smith & Dorothy (white card)
Anime sets 2001 (black card)
Outlaw Star
The Big O Roger Smith & Dorothy
Anime sets 2002 (black cards)
Cowboy Bebop
Pilot Candidate Ernn-Laties, Zero & Kizuna
The Big O Big Duo Roger Smith & Angel
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Anime Collector    
Collect from all of your favorite Anime series. All properties are being released on DVD/VHS by Bandai Entertainment. Each set will include two 4.5" and one 7" highly detailed articulated figures of characters based on the show.
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