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Ultima Online
Assortments (2)
Figures Excl
Adranath - eternal Watcher of the Meer
Ancient Wyrm - most powerful dragon
Blackthorn - power-hungry tyrannical lord
Captain Dasha - lovely master of war and sorcery
Juggernaut - equal parts warrior and machine
Warlord Kabur - leader of the Juka warrior clan
Figures Excl
Lord Blackthorn (Toy Fair 2002 pewter)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Ultima Online    
The Ultima series is one of the longest running computer game series in existence. It is outstanding for its emphasis on building as realistic a world as possible, with varied characters who feel like they're really alive. Ultima Online allows hundreds of players to simultaneously explore the realm created by Lord British of Origin. Players can interact with each other, go on quests, and even battle one another. The latest version of Ultima Online is Lord Blackthornes Revenge. The Ultima world now teams with exotic, fantastical creatures desiinged by Todd McFarlane (over 30 new monsters)
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