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Batman Beyond - Batlink
Assortments (3)
Figures Deluxe
Codebuster Batman
Firewall Robin
Particle Burst Batman
Power Grid Batman
Search Engine Batman
Virtual Joker
Figures Deluxe
Energy Surge Batman
Virtual Bat
Net Escape Playset (Veh + Excl Fig)
Netrunner Batmobile
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Batman Beyond - Batlink    
The evil J-Man, leader of J's Gang, has unearthed a deadly computer virus programmed to act as Batman's former nemesis, The Joker. Now, all of Gotham City is in danger! Luckily, the Batcave's virtual technology can send the young batman of the future, Terry McGinnis, into cyberspace armed with the technology to stop even the most dangerous digital menace!
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