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DC Comics Pocket Super Heroes
ManufacturerDC Direct
Assortments (5)
Boxed Sets
Series 1 Figures Deluxe
Series 1 Figures in 2-packs
Series 2 Figures in 2-packs
Boxed Sets
Batman Boxed Set
Green Lantern Boxed Set
JLA Boxed Set
Superman Boxed Set
Catwoman (Chicago Wizard World)
Wonder Woman (Golden Age)
Series 1 Figures Deluxe
Deluxe Martian Manhunter
Series 1 Figures in 2-packs
Aquaman (Silver Age) vs Black Manta
Cosmic Boy vs Saturn Girl
Dr Fate (Golden Age) vs The Spectre
Dr Mid-Nite (Golden Age) vs The Atom
Firestorm vs Red Tornado
Flash (Silver Age) vs Captain Cold
Green Lantern (Golden Age) vs Solomon Grundy
Green Lantern (Silver Age) vs Sinestro
Mon-El vs Lightning Lad
Starman (Golden Age) vs The Shade
Wonder Woman (Silver Age) vs Cheetah
Series 2 Figures in 2-packs
Captain Marvel + Dr. Sivana
Guy Gardner + Guardian
Hourman + Golden Age Flash
Lois Lane + Bizarro
Professor Zoom + Mirror Master
Silver Age Aqualad + Kid Flash
Silver Age Green Arrow + Black Canary
Silver Age Hawkman + Hawkgirl
Silver Age Speedy + Wonder Girl
Silver Age Supergirl + Braniac
Superman + Clark Kent
Ultra Boy + Phantom Girl
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