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Coolest Ultra Tiny Individuals on Earth!
Assortments (4)
4-packs - assorted
Individual figures
Mail-away Poster
Bitsy Babies 10-pack
Gym Dollies 10-pack
Lovey Doveys 10-pack
Rockity Rollers 10-pack
Tiny Trendies 10-pack
4-packs - assorted
4-pack, sample 1
Individual figures
GYM-01 Harriet Hardbody
GYM-02 Mara Thon
GYM-03 Miss Fit
GYM-04 Goldie Gloves
GYM-05 Workout Wilma
GYM-06 Anna Aerobic
GYM-07 Sweaty Betty
GYM-08 Twinkle Toes
GYM-09 Bitty Builder
GYM-10 Shapely Shirley
LOV-01 Tutu Much
LOV-02 Singa Longa
LOV-03 Leah Tard
LOV-04 Cherry Blossom
LOV-05 Rita Reada
LOV-06 Mrs Sippie
LOV-07 Momma Mia
LOV-08 Mary Mee
LOV-09 Holly Woodstar
LOV-10 Terri Cloth
ROC-01 Mello-Dee
ROC-02 P. Anna
ROC-03 Jazzie
ROC-04 My-Donna
ROC-05 Wanna-Bee
ROC-06 Strumma
ROC-07 Rockababe
ROC-08 Punkie
ROC-09 Teeny Tooner
ROC-10 Bopper
TIN-05. Gotta Stop
TIN-08. Modesty
Mail-away Poster
Story synopsis
Synopsis for C.U.T.I.E.    
Before there were C.U.T.I.E. dolls, there were just plain dolls. Girls tried to get them interested in what they liked. But nothing happened. Then one day, along came a wild, wacky group of dolls called C.U.T.I.E. And life was never the same. C.U.T.I.E. dolls loved doing what little girls did, going where little girls went. And girls wanted to take them along - everywhere! Why, they were the coo-coo-coolest dolls around!
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