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Dr Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas!
Assortments (7)
Die-cast collectibles
Dolls / plush - oversized
Dolls 12" - Toy's r Us Exclusives
Figures in 2-packs
Vehicles with figure
Die-cast collectibles
Who-Mobile collection
Dolls / plush - oversized
Cindy Lou Who
Grinch Growlin' Max the Dog
Heart Warming Grinch (14 inch)
Reindeer Max the Dog
Singing Grinch
Transforming Talking Grinch
Whobilation Hair Cindy Lou Who (17 inch)
Dolls 12" - Toy's r Us Exclusives
Cindy Lou with Max the Dog
The Grinch
Figures in 2-packs
Grinch + Martha May Whovier
Lederhosen Grinch + Max the Dog
Santa Grinch + Cindy Lou Who
Whobilation Grinch + Mayor May Who
Ya Grinched Collection
Talking Grinch Head (grren)
Talking Key Chain
Vehicles with figure
Mt Crumpit Sled + Santa Grinch + Cindu Lou Who
Who Car + Sneaky Grinch + Max the Dog
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Dr Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas!    
In his cave high atop Mount Crumpit, the Grinch can't stand the noisy Who's clamorous Christmas Whobilation. Deep in his heart two-sizes-too-small, the Grinch hatches a sneaky scheme to stop Christmas from coming! With a Santy Claus disguise and his reluctant dog Max, the Grinch heads down to Whoville to snatch up every last toy, tree, tinsel and treat. But Cindy Lou Who knows that even the Grinch must have some happiness hiding inside, and she helps him learn that the real spirit of Chrismas is something too special to be stolen away.
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