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MicroMillennium - 1999 Magne Power Microman
Return of Microman
Assortments (4)
Magne Power Microman
Magne Series Premiums & Exclusives
Magne Titans
Super Microman
Magne Power Microman
001 Arthur (red) (Magne Power Microman)
002 Izam (clear) (Magne Power Microman)
003 Walter (blue) (Magne Power Microman)
004 Edison (green) (Magne Power Microman)
005 Odin (black) (Magne Power Microman)
006 DrillJoe (ChangeTrooper)
007 TomaHawk (ChangeTrooper)
008 HoverJack (ChangeTrooper)
009 SpinLee (ChangeTrooper)
010 BomberHead (ChangeTrooper)
011 Spy Heli + Kirk
012 Beat Loader + Keith
013 Ace (red) (Robotman)
014 Baron (black) (Robotman)
015 Cross (blue) (Robotman)
016 DemonRed (Demon Acroyer )
017 DemonBlue (Demon Acroyer )
018 DemonGreen (Demon Acroyer )
019 CobRage (AcroChangeTrooper)
020 HellPinch (AcroChangeTrooper)
021 ChainSpider (AcroChangeTrooper)
022 Vampiser (AcroMonster)
023 Hellpion (AcroMonster)
024 Iguanite (AcroMonster)
025 AcroMonsters Set (all 3 monsters)
026 Cannon
027 Jet-Mogler
029 Hariken Hurricane Bird
030 Robotman Jaguar and & Cougar
032 Cassette
Magne Series Premiums & Exclusives
AcroStation (repaint) - BomBom Comic Prize LE100
Arden Cold - Sendai Store Exclusive - LE200
Black Magne Arthur + Microman Anime Video
Blue Magne Arthur PSX - Playstation Prize
Chrome MagnePowers MM 5-pak - Movie Commemorative
Clear Microman Arthur - Takara Employees Gift
Clear Microman Keith - Dept Store Gift
Clear Microman Kirk - 99's Golden Week Dept Store
Clear Mode Robotman Ace (red) - TRU Excl
Demon Acroyers 3-pack + movie poster puzzle
DemonBlack - 1999 Tokyo Toys Fair
DemonClear - 1999 Tokyo Toys Fair
DemonPink - 1999 Tokyo Toys Fair
DemonPurple - 1999 Tokyo Toys Fair
DemonYellow - 1999 Tokyo Toys Fair
Ghost Robotman (clear) - BomBom Comic Prize LE50
Magne Power MM (black&yellw) - Sega UFO Game Prize
Magne Power MM (blue&white) - Sega UFO Game Prize
Magne Power MM (chrome) - Sega UFO Game Prize
Magne Power MM (red&white) - Sega UFO Game Prize
Magne Power MM (white&blue) - Sega UFO Game Prize
Microman Shakunetsu - Bom Bom Comic mail-away
Movie Edition Magne Powers Arthur (anime style)
Movie Edition Magne Powers Edison (anime style)
Movie Edition Magne Powers Izam (anime style)
Movie Edition Magne Powers Odin (anime style)
Movie Edition Magne Powers Walter (anime style)
Super Robotman 2-pack - TRU Excl
Magne Titans
026 Gun Body (Magne Titans)
027 Jet Mogler (Magne Titans)
028 Razor Master (Magne Titans)
029 Hurricane Bird (Magne Animal)
030 Magne Jaguar + Magne Cougar (Magne Animal)
031 Stealth Heli + Magne Clark (Cassette Machine)
032 Sonic Bike + Magne Cain (Cassette Machine)
Super Microman
033 Micro Station + Magne Conan
034 Kero-Charge (Micro-Zenmine)
035 Mogu-Launcher (Micro-Zenmine)
036 Kama-Claw (Micro-Zenmine)
037 Pyrany-Tron (Acro-Zenmine)
038 Kabu-Turbo (Acro-Zenmine)
039 Super Arthur (Super Microman)
040 Super Izam (Super Microman)
041 Super Walt (Super Microman)
042 Super Edison (Super Microman)
043 Super Odin (Super Microman)
044 Arden Purple (Magne Arden)
045 Arden Dark (Magne Arden)
046 Arden Flame (Magne Arden)
047 Galac Hopper (Microman Kit-Machine)
048 Micro Escargot (Microman Kit-Machine)
049 Crab Dozer (Microman Kit-Machine)
050 Earth Jetter (Microman Kit-Machine)
051 Bulk Lifter (Microman Kit-Machine)
052 Mr. Grey + Kirin Power Drink + Magne Cyber
053 Robotman Dean
054 Robotman Endeavor
055 Giant Acroyear - Alpha, Beta & Gamma
Story synopsis
Synopsis for MicroMillennium - 1999 Magne Power Microman    
Microman toys line originated from another Japanese toy line by Takara call Henshin Cyborg. Henshin Cyborg is a clear body "cyborg" 12" action doll base on GI Joe body. (Takara was producing a licensed GI Joe for Japanese market) The early Microman was supposed to be a miniaturized version of these Cyborgs. During the height of Microman line in 1976, a US toy company Mego, licensed Microman and distributed them worldwide as the Micronauts.
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