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MicroMillennium - 2000 LED Power Microman
Return of Microman
Assortments (4)
Laser Microman
LED Series Premiums & Exclusives
Secret Breaster
Shining Tector
Laser Microman
L-01 LaserArthur (red)
L-02 LaserIzam (purple)
L-03 LaserWalt (blue)
L-04 LaserOdin (orange-red)
L-05 Laser AcroJekyll (blue)
L-06 Laser AcroHyde (red)
L-07 SuperSatake (limited) (orange/clear)
L-08 BlueGun with Laser Edison (green)
L-09 PurpleSword with Laser Zett-Arthur (purple)
L-10 Master LaserZett (blue & orange)
L-11 Master LaserSolomon (yellow)
L-12 President AcroZenon (yellow)
L-13 Machine AcroShadow (dark grey)
L-14 MachSpeeder with Rider Arthur (red)
L-15 RoadBison with Rider Walt (blue)
LED Series Premiums & Exclusives
Blue MagneArthur PSX (Playstation) Promotion
Dark Saber Micro Boy + Laser Dark Microman - TRU
Gold LaserArthur - Microman Event Exclusive
Micro-Bike Hyper Speeder + Master LaserArthur -TRU
Micro-Bike Tornado Bison + Laser Shakunetsu TRU
Perfect Shining Laser Dark - TRU Exclusive
Secret Breaster
L-16 Spy Arthur
L-17 Ninja Izam
L-18 Sniper Walt
L-19 Command Odin
L-20 Micro Trailer + Secret Breast Pilot Edison
L-21 Microman Laser Satake (clear, white &red)
Shining Tector
L-22 Shining Arthur (red)
L-23 Shining Izam (purple)
L-24 Shining Walt (blue)
L-25 Shining Odin (black)
L-26 Micro Rocket Base + Shining Edison (green)
L-27 Perfect Shining Zett (blue)
L-28 Perfect Shining Solomon (yellow)
L-29 Perfect Shining Shakunetsu (orange)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for MicroMillennium - 2000 LED Power Microman    
Microman toys line originated from another Japanese toy line by Takara call Henshin Cyborg. Henshin Cyborg is a clear body "cyborg" 12" action doll base on GI Joe body. (Takara was producing a licensed GI Joe for Japanese market) The early Microman was supposed to be a miniaturized version of these Cyborgs. During the height of Microman line in 1976, a US toy company Mego, licensed Microman and distributed them worldwide as the Micronauts.
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