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MicroMillennium - Replicas
Return of Microman
Assortments (29)
1999 A30x Acroyear 1
1999 Exclusives
1999 M10x "barefoot"
1999 M10x Game Machine Prizes
1999 M10x Hyper Hobby Exclusives
1999 M14x Spy Magician
1999 M15 Command 1
1999 M16 Command 2
1999 M17x Command 3
1999 M18x Lady Command
1999 M25x Rescue Microman
1999-01 Clear/Solid/Metallic Mode TRU 4-packs
2000 A35X Cosmo Satan Arden
2000 Exclusives
2000 M11x Microman Zone
2000 M12x Microman Zone
2000 M13x Spy Magician
2000 MC-x Micro Knight
2000-01 M:I:S Series
2000-02 SAS Series Figures
2001 A30x Acroyear Victory Edition
2001 Exclusives
2001 H70x Micro Hoodman
2001 H71x Micro Hoodman
2001 H72x Micro Hoodman
2001 Robotman
2002 Exclusives
2002 M25x/M26x/M27x/M28x Rescue Microman
2002 MD60x Micro Devilman
1999 A30x Acroyear 1
A301 Red Star
A302 Silver Star
A303 Blue Star
A304 Green Star
1999 Exclusives
M01x- Founders in Takara Historical Colors
M01x-S Metallic Ed Founder Set - (black capsules)
M100 Tom - PSX Microman Game Exclusive
M105 James - Central Hobby Jigsaw Puzzle Exclusive
M106 Jason - Toy Festival Exclusive
M10x Microman (bright pink) World Char.Con LE300
M10x Microman (pastel green) Osaka Toys Land LE300
M10x Microman (solid grey) Tokyo Toys Festl. LE500
M152 Eric SP (red chrome) Came with Puzzle LE2000
M159 Elias - Post Hobby Shop Exclusive - LE1000
M164 Sammy SP (chrome) Came with Puzzle LE2000
1999 M10x "barefoot"
M101 George (clear)
M102 Jack (yellow)
M103 Jesse (blue)
M104 John (orange)
1999 M10x Game Machine Prizes
M101 George (clear) - game machine prize.
M102 Jack (yellow) - game machine prize.
M103 Jesse (blue) - game machine prize.
M104 John (orange) - game machine prize.
1999 M10x Hyper Hobby Exclusives
M101-H Hyper George - Hyper Hobby Exclusive
M102-H Hyper Jack - Hyper Hobby Exclusive
M103-H Hyper Jesse - Hyper Hobby Exclusive
M104-H Hyper John - Hyper Hobby Exclusive
1999 M14x Spy Magician
M141 Henry (blue & white)
M142 Hudson (clear green)
M143 Holms (yellow torso)
M144 Howard (yellow arms)
1999 M15 Command 1
M151 East (blue)
M152 Eric (red)
M153 Elder (clear blue)
M154 Evan (black)
1999 M16 Command 2
M161 Sheriff (blue)
M162 Sander (red)
M163 Smith (clear green)
M164 Sammy (opaque gray)
1999 M17x Command 3
M171 Takuya (red)
M172 Tetsuya (dark grey)
M173 Tatsuya (white, blue, green)
M174 Tsuyoshi (blue, yellow)
1999 M18x Lady Command
M181 Ann (red)
M182 Alice (turquoise)
M183 Annie (green)
M184 Ai (pink)
1999 M25x Rescue Microman
M25x Crew with M255 Steve (black), 4-pack
M25x Crew with M256 Virgil (cream), 4-pack
M25x Crew with M257 Charles (yellow), 4-pack
1999-01 Clear/Solid/Metallic Mode TRU 4-packs
A38x Acroyear 3-pack - TRU Excl
Clear Mode H70x Micro Hoodman 3-pack (2002)
Clear Mode M11x Microman Zone 4-pack
Clear Mode M12x Microman Zone 4-pack
Clear Mode M13x Spy Magician 4-pack
Clear Mode M15x Microman Command 1 4-pack
Clear Mode M16x Microman Command 2 4-pack
Clear Mode M17x Microman Command 3 4-pack
Clear Mode M18x Lady Command 4-pack
Clear Mode M25x Rescue Command 4-pack
Glitter Mode MCx MicroKnight 4-pack
Metallic Mode 4-pack
Solid Mode M10x Microman 4-pack
2000 A35X Cosmo Satan Arden
A351 Heller
A352 Rager
A353 Vulgar
A357 Gaizan (new)
A358 Haizan (new)
A359 Girudan (new)
2000 Exclusives
Birth of Acroyear Set - 2-pack
Cosmo Satan Arden 3-pack - TRU Excl
M004 Eiji Gold - Golden Age Exclusive - LE700
M01x-S Metallic Ed Founder Set - (red capsules)
M150 Antonio + M160 Egypton (Mail-order)
M150 Antonio + M160 Egypton - Glitter Mode - eS!
M152 alpha H-7 Cmd 1 + M161 alpha H-7 Cmd 2
M170 Takeru + M180 Maria - Glitter Mode - eS!
M170 Takeru + M180 Maria (Mail-order)
M175 Toshiya (green) - Toy Land Exclusive
M18x-type Lady Command - SF Land Book Prize - LE5
MA-001/M185 Azone Lady Command - Azone Intnl Excl
MC7 Flame Micro Knight + Arden A350 Lucifer
2000 M11x Microman Zone
M111 Bobson (mostly blue)
M112 Barnes (mostly white)
M113 Bobby (mostly red)
M114 Blacky (mostly black)
2000 M12x Microman Zone
M121 Mason (red)
M122 Michael (blue)
M123 Miller (green)
M124 Max (yellow)
2000 M13x Spy Magician
M131 Dick (blue)
M132 Dan (red)
M133 Danny (black & red)
M134 David (black & white)
2000 MC-x Micro Knight
MC10 Black
MC11 Blue
MC12 Copper
MC13 Green
MC8 Silver
MC9 Gold
2000-01 M:I:S Series
M:I:S 01 Spy Magician - World Characters Con Excl
M:I:S 02 Rescue Microman - JAF:Con Excl
M:I:S 03 Microman Command 1 - Tokyo Toys Fest
M:I:S 04 Microman Command 1 - Osaka Toy Land
2000-02 SAS Series Figures
S.A.S 01 Spy Magician - WCC Exclusive
S.A.S 02 Spy Magician - WCC Exclusive
S.A.S 03 H72x Micro Hoodman - WCC Exclusive (2001)
S.A.S Micro Devilman - WCC Exclusive
S.A.S Robotman - Tokyo 2002 Super Festival Exc
2001 A30x Acroyear Victory Edition
A301 Acroyear (red) - Victory Ed - e-Hobby website
A302 Acroyear (silver) - Victory Ed - e-Hobby
A303 Acroyear (blue) - Victory Ed - e-Hobby
A304 Acroyear (green) - Victory Ed - e-Hobby
2001 Exclusives
A38x Acroyear Bounty Hunter - Warp Magazine
Electric Dragon E80000V Movie Exclusive 2-pack
M101 George - Victory Edition - e-Hobby website
M102 Jack - Victory Edition - e-Hobby website
M103 Jesse - Victory Edition - e-Hobby website
M104 John - Victory Edition - e-Hobby website
M130 Duke + M140 Hawk - Spy Magician Leaders Set
M130 Duke, Metallic Spy Magicians Leader
M140 Hawk , Metallic Spy Magicians Leader
Microman Watch Set (includes 2 figs)
MW 100 Snow (all white)- Warp Magazine Exclusive
2001 H70x Micro Hoodman
H701 Hans (blue)
H702 Regan (yellow)
H703 Heimlich (green)
2001 H71x Micro Hoodman
H711 Shultz (red)
H712 Rudolf (white & Blue)
H713 Earhart (blue & black)
2001 H72x Micro Hoodman
H721 Heilman (gold)
H722 Lihaout (chrome)
H723 Cardel (multi-color)
2001 Robotman
Crystal Robotman - Hyper Hobby Exclusive
Robotman (Replica)
2002 Exclusives
M115 Ben + M125 Morgan - Figure Oh! Excl
Robotman Reinforced Tactics Set
2002 M25x/M26x/M27x/M28x Rescue Microman
M254 Stuart + M275 Richard 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M261 Chris + M262 Adam 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M263 James + M264 Fred 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M271 Lake + M272 Leon 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M273 Leonard + M274 Carlton 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M275 Richard + M254 Stuart 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M281 Clark + M282 Ryan 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
M283 Clark + M284 Foster 2-pack - e-Hobby Excl
2002 MD60x Micro Devilman
MD601 Dagon
MD602 Dandarian
MD603 Diabolos
MD604 Dekavarian
Story synopsis
Synopsis for MicroMillennium - Replicas    
Microman toys line originated from another Japanese toy line by Takara call Henshin Cyborg. Henshin Cyborg is a clear body "cyborg" 12" action doll base on GI Joe body. (Takara was producing a licensed GI Joe for Japanese market) The early Microman was supposed to be a miniaturized version of these Cyborgs. During the height of Microman line in 1976, a US toy company Mego, licensed Microman and distributed them worldwide as the Micronauts.
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