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Assortments (5)
Bagged Figurines
GoDaiKin Robots DX (Deluxe 9")
GoDaiKin Robots ST (Standard 5.5")
Mini GoDaiKin
Bagged Figurines
Bag of figurines
GoDaiKin Robots DX (Deluxe 9")
Abega - DX (PC-39)
BioMan - DX (GC-13)
Daidenjin - DX version (GB-14)
Daileon - DX (GC-29) (Godaikin Forces)
Daimos - DX (GA-85)
Daitetsujin 17 - DX (GA-81)
Daltanias - DX (GB-01,GB02)
Dancougar - DX (GC-30) (Godaikin Forces)
Dynaman - DX (GB-95)
Gardian - DX (GB-09,10,11)
God Marz - DX (GB-56,57,58,59,60,61)
GodSigma - DX (GB-18,19,20)
Goggle V - DX (GB-70)
GoLion - DX (GB-36) (Voltron)
Laserion - DX (GC-17)
Leopardon - DX (GA-90)
Machine Dolphin - DX (PC-43)
Machine Man - DX (GC-27)
Sun Vulcan - DX (GB-32)
Tetsujin-28 - DX (SG-01 chokinzoku)
Vavilos - DX (GC-20)
Voltes V - DX (PB-04,05,06,07,08)
GoDaiKin Robots ST (Standard 5.5")
BioMan -ST (GC-12)
Dancougar - ST (GC-31)
Dynaman - ST (GB-96)
Laserion - ST (GC-15)
Machine Man - ST (GC-28)
Vavilos - ST (GC-16)
Mini GoDaiKin
Voltes V
BioDragon - vehicle
Dyjupiter - Vehicle
Goggle Caesar
ShuttleBase - vehicle
Story synopsis
Synopsis for GoDaiKin    
Godaikin is the name Bandai used in the USA when it exported the original Japanese Popy (now Bandai) robots. This series has the coolest and best made robots. The line was cancelled in the mid 80's. The largest and most expensive is undoubtedly the 16" Tetsujin-28 robot, known to some in the US as Gigantor. The smallest are the Mini-GoDaiKins, repackagings of the 3" Shogun Warrior Collectors line. The ST versions are about 5-6" tall and very nice pieces, but it is the DX robos, from 9"-12", that are really magnificent.
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